Two Annual Benefits ~ Thanks to all!

$70,115 support for the Prayer Service - wow!

$9,900 from auction/raffle/gifts

#2) St. Romero Day Prayer Service, March 24, 2021. Watch the recording and follow along with the evening's program, below:


Jim Hennessy
Bill & Judy Head
Bruce & Debbie Jarosz
Chuck & Debbie Richter
David & Mary Beth Bogner
Musca Family
Jack & Mickey Horner,
in memorium by anonymous

John Shields,
in memorium by Pat Shields
Mike & Sandie O’Neill
Peter & Marilyn Tsivitse
Rick & Marney Costello
Rita & Tony Joe Costello,
in memorium by Tony Costello


Marty & Terry Tusim
Michael & Veronica Leahy
Anne Raguso,
in memorium by Joseph Raguso


Rob Held, in memorium 
by Daphne Held
by Sarah Held
Barbara Schaefer
The Equity Engineering Group Inc
Mike, Erin,
Evelyn, Charlotte, & Rose Gall
Church of the Holy Angels
Gary & Kate Siefring
Frank and Clara Caridi

Paul & Sue Samide
Raymond & Evelyn Hentges
Brian & Susie Head
Dawna & Quentin Meng
Koral Family
Rev. Bob Sanson
Bill & Joanne Spellacy
Carl Anthony Coppola,
in memorium by Sebastian & Mary Coppola
Charles Fazio & Associates


Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland
Church of the Resurrection
Center for Pastoral Leadership
Holy Rosary Church
John and Xiaoyu Papadopulos
Anne Raguso, in memorium
by Mary Ellen O’Mara
by James & Maureen Stewart
Joe & Arline Nosse
Grace Carroll
Leona Alagna, in memorium by John Alagna
Ralph and Barbara Trepal

Brian & Linda Schmidt
Brian & Anne Hurtuk
Joe & Mary Kay Guerra
Sam & Kristen Totino
Mike & Katie Head
Rev. John Brenkle
Mary Curran & Jonathan Emery
Melanie Reda
Ron & Linda Myers
Linda Kerekes
Tom & Marsha Walker
Rebecca Vellenga

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