December 2018 – Celebrating St. Romero’s Canonization at COAR

Ignacio won the school-wide St. Romero Poem Contest:


The Salvadoran Traveler
By Ignacio Cruz

From one corner to another, then to all parts,
an announcement to the world was proclaimed;
the clamor of thousands of mouths and bells
rang out from my tiny, scandalized country.
So small is my land but yet so invincible,
so many bad people that don’t wish for the incredible;
from a quarrel born in the soul, a war broke out
that stole from me my older brothers.
Oscar Arnulfo Romero of El Salvador has departed;
a bullet raised him on high;
and in my country, our lost brother’s deeds endured
as the Pope canonized this Saint – Oscar Romero.


More celebration:
the band parading through our town of Zaragoza
the school mass, and dancing