Give a Child a Chance

Provide Tuition for One Child for a Year




The COAR School, founded in 1980 to serve the refugee community, is now the parochial school of Zaragoza.  Because El Salvador’s public education system cannot serve all who need it, your gift enables children from The COAR Children’s Village as well as the surrounding area to attend school here.

Though the cost of each child’s education is subsidized by our overall operational funds, your donation will help us to cover tuition as well as uniform and extracurricular costs.   Specify the Give a Child a Chance Program and we will provide you with the name, picture, and a letter from a student. We will update you on the students progress both at school and at home by translating and mailing your written correspondence.

The tuition varies per grade.  The average tuition for the lower school:  pre-kindergarten thru 9th grade is $200 per year per child.  The tuition for the high school averages $360 per year per child.  But, the value of a good education is incalculable. 



Give a Child a Home

Provide Annual Living Costs for One Child



The COAR Children’s Village provides foster care to children ranging in age from infants to 18 years. the “Casitas” provided in the village house children of varying ages and a house mother.  This model is intended to provide a family-like environment with older children acting as role models and assisting with the younger children.  Each house is responsible for it’s own cooking, cleaning, and other chores.

Though living expenses are subsidized by overall operational funds, your donation will help cover the cost of food, clothing, medical expenses  and structural maintenance of the houses and other communal structures.  Specify the Give a Child a Home Program and we will provide you with the  name, picture, and a letter from a child living in the COAR Children’s Village.  We will update you on the child’s progress both at  school and at home by translating and mailing your  written correspondence.

The total annual cost varies each year. Since 2015 it has averaged $8,000/year/child. For this reason each child has more than one sponsor. To the children, it multiplies the love.



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