COAR Peace Mission strives to ensure the maximum amount of your donations go directly to the  COAR Children’s Village or other projects approved by the COAR Peace Mission Board of Trustees.  Projects that are outside of the COAR Children’s Village would be described on our website.  The COAR Peace Mission’s staff performs a variety of functions that make it easier for donors and sponsors to interact effectively with the COAR Children’s Village.  For complete information on how your donated dollars are allocated or for the most recent external financial audit, please contact the COAR Peace Mission office.

Does Your Company Match?

Thousands of companies match their employees’ charitable contributions. Be sure to contact your human resources department to see if your company will match your donation.

In Lieu of Flowers ~

COAR Peace Mission is a listed charity with Asking that gifts be given for the COAR children in lieu of flowers will ensure your loved one’s legacy. We can supply memorial cards, envelopes, or other materials.  We publish all gifts on our website as a lasting tribute.

Planned Giving  ~ Remembering the Children in Your Will

By remembering the COAR children in your will you can continue to change lives.  We can send you information about including COAR in your estate plans. However, it is as simple as letting your estate planner and heirs know your wishes.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or for advice.

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