COAR is a Home

The COAR Children's Village
is a home for vulnerable children

The COAR Children’s Village is residential foster care home for children who cannot live with their families or who have no families.  

The children live together in groups
of 5 -10 in small houses
with a housemother.  
The children eat together, 
do homework together, 
pray together, 
play together, 
and learn to take care of their home
and each other  
as a family.  

They participate in the school band,
and other cultural programs. 

They have field trips to important cultural sights such as St. Romero’s tomb, shown here.

They do chores,
cleaning the house,
washing their clothes (by hand!),
and gardening. 

Crucially they have psychologists and other professionals to help with the very real trauma that they carry.  

Among these faces are children who have been abused, left to scrounge a living on the streets, trafficked, or abandoned.

For their safety and their dignity, we cannot single them out.  But our success is that they are healing and becoming healthy and happy children.

That is what your support achieves.