COAR Kids Volunteer at Cancer Hospital: Divina Providencia

On Sunday, April 2nd, a group of COAR teenagers visited the Divina Providencia Cancer Hospital to visit with the patients and learn the value of volunteering and serving others in need. The hospital was opened in 1969 by the Carmelite Missionary Sisters of Santa Teresa who wanted to give poor Salvadorans a place to stay […]

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1st time ever: COAR WINNER: Scholarship to the Jesuit University (UCA)

COAR had a simple beginning.  War was raging in the countryside and displaced families, women and children were fleeing to the outskirts of San Salvador for safety.  A Cleveland priest working in the parish of Zaragoza in El Salvador noticed the growth in child war refugees and decided to do something about it.  Through the […]

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Posadas: A great Latin American Christmas tradition

Are your childhood Christmas memories some of your fondest memories?  As adults, do you remember those traditions with such an air of nostalgia?  Well, COAR Children’s Village is keeping one 400 year old Latin American tradition alive:  The Christmas Posadas.     The term Posada is one of many Spanish words for “inn” and it […]

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Romero’s Message Needed to Solve Gang Violence in El Salvador

In May of 2015, there were more than 600 murders in El Salvador – a country with a population of approximately 6 million.  The Salvadoran Civil War ended almost 20 years ago, but, the wonderful people of El Salvador have not seen the ‘peace’ promised by the Peace Accords! To be honest, the old left-right […]

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Oscar Romero “Smiles Down upon El Salvador” during his Beatification

May 23rd, 2015, over 250,000 Salvadorans flooded the streets surrounding the Divino Salvador del Mundo monument in the capital city to celebrate the beatification of slain Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero. The Archdiocese had constructed a temporary stage in front of the monument. Throngs of people lined the streets emanating outward like roots of hope from […]

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The Sant’Egidio community in El Salvador joins in solidarity with COAR & peace

In the late fall of 2014, the Community Sant’Egidio in El Salvador reached out to COAR for the first time. They came to COAR to be in solidarity with our children and to share their message of Peace in a society that is being ripped apart by youth violence. There is probably no place on […]

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