Mission Co-operative Plan

Click here for the parish bulletin article that accompanies our mission appeals.

100% of gifts received through this program go to the COAR children. (Expenses for travel, etc., are covered by separate donations.)

COAR participates in the Mission Co-operative Plan (MCP) of the Roman Catholic Church in the U.S. and Canada. The MCP is an annual program in which missionaries from around the world speak in parishes, usually in the summer months. This program increases missionary awareness among the Faithful whose donations, in turn, help the missionary organizations to continue their evangelization efforts and maintain their congregations, seminaries, convents, and other projects and programs of the Church.

Assignments to individual parishes are made by each diocese’s Propagation of the Faith office (which may sometimes go by a different name such as “Mission Office”, etc.)

If you have any questions, or require brochures or envelopes for a mission appeal, please phone or e-mail us at:

  • +1-440-943-7615, office Eastern Time
  • +1-216-269-1710 for 24-hour or emergency assistance
  • coarpm@gmail.com

COAR’s application materials for 2019 are found, below:

  1. Letter of request with introduction to COAR
  2. Archbishop Escobar’s letter of support (English & Spanish)
  3. 2017 National Catholic Directory entry, Pg. 320, col. 2
  4. IRS designation letter as 501c3