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Self-Care and Care from Others

Learning about early detection

Health Care At COAR — Adapting to Some Special Circumstances Health care is a priority for COAR, of course.  But we have the added challenge that comes with feminine health needs: not to re-traumatize girls who have been traumatized around their sexuality.  Our staff helps the girls learn how to do self-exams and to deal […]

Before You Leave For the Summer…

Gifts from – and for – schools! Thank You! Padua Franciscan High School (Parma, OH) Magnificat High School (Rocky River, OH) Edison High School (Milan, OH) Desks for our school Stoves and refrigerators Reading the instructions, thanks to education Magnificat! Your gift of $750 from The Hispanic/Latina Student Association uniform-free day has helped us to […]

September 2022 – Executive Director’s Reflections & News from El Salvador

Watercolor original by: Marie Spaeder Haas

Healing Body and Soul Welcome to all who learned about COAR this summer through one of our (50!) mission appeals in Catholic Churches around North America. For all our supporters, old and new, healing body and soul is what COAR is all about. Healing the body requires good food, good education, and safety. Healing the […]