Sponsors Visit COAR & Teach English in the High School

A group of wonderful parishioners from St. Rita Parish, Ohio, traveled to El Salvador to visit their projects in the mountaintop town of Teotepeque and spent one morning teaching English at the COAR high school and visiting with the COAR children.  The day began by teaching four sections of high school English.  But, this was […]

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Mothers’ Legacies at COAR

Mothers’ Legacies at COAR No one can replace a lost mother. But COAR is privileged to provide love and security to children who have lost their mothers. It is often sponsors, called “Godmother” by the children, that supply that sense of security, that someone cares what happens to them, cares what is happening in school, in their houses, […]

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COAR opens its own Art, Music and Play Therapy Center thanks to a generous Salvadoran Donor

When the Salvadoran Civil War was ravaging the country, destroying families and generating countless widows and orphans daily, our Founder, Father Ken, was focused on sheltering, protecting, feeding and clothing the growing mass of war-orphaned Salvadoran children.  There was one clear over-arching goal:  protect the children so that they could survive the war. 35 years […]

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