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Bishop Pilla’s Legacy

Remembering Bishop Emeritus of Cleveland Anthony M. Pilla November 12, 1932 – September 21, 2021 Bishop Pilla’s Legacy with COAR: “Come with me on a pilgrimage of hope” Watch Bishop’s Pilla’s full speech at our 2017 Annual Benefit here (10 minutes) COAR joins in mourning the death and celebrating the life of Bishop Emeritus of […]

Solidarity in these divided times

Whenever we have visitors at COAR, the students (in the school) and the residents (living at COAR in foster care) thrill, delight, and overwhelm us with their generosity of spirit and their creativity in signs, decorations, hand-crafted gifts, and culinary confections.  Really, it is a wonderful experience to be enveloped by their youth, exuberance, and […]

Looking Toward the Future . . .

. . . empowered by examples from the past Pictured above is Brother Mick Joyce, OFM Cap., visiting COAR on June 9th. Karla gave him a card on behalf of all the children and staff memorializing Brother Saul Soriano, OFM Cap., our dear friend, taken too soon, May 7, 2018, read our tribute to him […]

Report on 2020 and Challenges for 2021

By COAR’s Board President: Melanie Reda On January 4th, my father called me to tell me that he received his $600 stimulus check and he was so excited. So of course, I checked too. And I had indeed received a $600 stimulus check. How exciting! What a windfall! And then my thoughts turned to how […]