St. Romero Day Prayer Service

St. Romero Day Prayer Service

“All of us, if we really want to know the meaning of conversion and of faith and confidence in another, must become poor, or at least make the cause of the poor our own inner motivation.” –Homily, February 18, 1979
Join the Diocese of Cleveland Mission Office and COAR Peace Mission in celebrating the legacy of St. Oscar Romero, along with our brothers and sisters who work to further that legacy at our Cleveland Latin American Mission parishes, at COAR, and beyond.

Date / time: March 21, 2024 / 7pm
Blessed Trinity Catholic Church
14040 Puritas Ave, Cleveland, OH 44135
+1 (216) 671-5890

Above right, CLAM team members carry St. Romero’s casket at his funeral.

Below right, COAR students carry an image of St. Romero on his feast day.

See Highlights of the 2024 St. Romero Day Prayer Service:

Watch the livestream:

You can watch the kids’ St. Romero animated short here (you can’t see it during the service, sorry)