COAR Children’s Village – School

The COAR Children’s Village school, founded in 1980 to serve the refugee community, is now the parochial school of Zaragoza.El Salvador’s free public education system is not able to serve all the students who need it. Instead, the parish school serves the needs of most of the area students. The government supplies a few teachers. However, the money for 30 additional teachers, staff, and equipment and facilities (like a computer lab and soccer field) comes from donations.

The COAR school was recognized by the United Nations as a Model School for the Developing World and our Director was invited to New York City to be recognized for his achievement.  The cirriculum includes reading, writing, math, physical education (sports), science, social science, computer science, religion, band, and foreign languages.  In the years since that honor, COAR’s school has expanded its High School program to include 4 different tracks based upon desired career goals:  Technical Diploma, College Preparation Diploma, Healthcare Services Diploma and the brand new Tourism and Hotel Management Diploma.

To further reach out to the community and the diverse talents and career options, COAR has created additional semester long workshops that specifically target different skillsets that are either outside of traditional Academia or which incorporate multiple skills in a job-based training format.  These programs include:  sustainable farming, bread and general bakery training, sewing and tailoring, art and music, and computer repair.

In our efforts to reach kids and keep them in school and away from the gang influence which ravages the country, COAR also offers clubs and non-traditional sports including ping-pong.

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Since 1980 COAR has educated thousands of students. Graduates have gone on to various universities including the UCA (University of Central America, run by the Jesuits), Technologica, and the National University. One graduate (so far) has even gone on to become a mayor of Zaragoza.

There are currently approximately 900 students in grades K thru 12. However, the demand is greater and increased donations will allow us to expand to serve even more students.

In addition to day students, over 50 children live at COAR. All but the very youngest attend school. Learn more about children who live at the COAR Children’s Village by selecting the Sponsor A Child link.

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