Christmas Pinata Party 2015

Each December, some of the COAR kids are able to connect with distant relatives so that they can spend the holidays with family.  The Courts must conduct background investigations of these families to ensure the safety of the children but if approved, we are very happy to see the kids spend the holidays with their […]

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Pre-Christmas treat: COAR kids visit a local circus

Each November, the academic year slowly comes to a halt about the same time that we in the USA celebrate Thanksgiving – but, Thanksgiving is a distinctly US tradition.  In El Salvador, high schools hold graduation ceremonies and the kids say goodbye to their teachers and friends for a couple of months.  Since the Salvadoran […]

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Posadas: A great Latin American Christmas tradition

Are your childhood Christmas memories some of your fondest memories?  As adults, do you remember those traditions with such an air of nostalgia?  Well, COAR Children’s Village is keeping one 400 year old Latin American tradition alive:  The Christmas Posadas.     The term Posada is one of many Spanish words for “inn” and it […]

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COAR Kids Are Great Artists – MURAL 2015

In honor of the inauguration of the new Therapy Center at COAR Children’s Village, our Director held a contest among all of the residential houses to create a mural that celebrates life and youth.   From that winning mural, COAR encouraged all of the kids to pick up a paint brush and bring not only […]

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Feliz Cumpleanos! Happy Birthday!

Feliz cumpleanos a ti- En tu dia feliz- Feliz cumpleanos, mi carino- Feliz cumpleanos a ti- No matter what the words are, the sentiment is still the same:  love and celebration.  During the war years, children at COAR often came with no documentation. They may literally have wandered, alone, up to our doors – or, […]

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Celebrating COAR’s 35th Anniversary

35 years ago, COAR was born out of necessity and a dream.  The Cleveland Mission Team was hard at work in El Salvador – serving the poor, the children, the refugees only months after Archbishop Romero was slain in the chapel at Divina Providencia.  Looking back, few realized what an impact COAR would have in […]

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