“All I Want for Christmas is Yooouu”

At a Christmas party thrown in November the new COAR residents are already doing what youth always does ~ making new friends, bringing new energy and talents, and healing.

Merry Christmas!

Jennifer, at COAR from the age of 1 year old, welcomes everyone to the party.
Danna helps Dinora read a Christmas poem.
Valeria shows she’s a good sport with a Christmas riddle game.
Daniela reads a riddle with confidence in front of her new family.
Among these eight girls are four new and four that have been with COAR for many years.
The gold frame celebrates one of this year’s graduates, Anderson, who is going on to continue his vocational training as a chef.

Can you spot the new girls? Not easily because they have blended into their new COAR family, all singing along to the Christmas song, “All I Want for Christmas is You!” made famous by Mariah Carey.