Holy Week Rituals

Palm Sunday & Holy Thursday: The Last Supper Learning * Service * Humility * Compassion El Salvador is most famous for its Good Friday re-enactments of Jesus’ crucifixion, “the Living Stations of the Cross”. However, all of Holy Week is also celebrated. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, when crowds threw palms down on the […]

February Charm

Our littles and our tallest

Charming pictures to brighten your February In case your browser doesn’t show our captions: Susan, our Programs Director, the tallest by far, with our two littlest at our February visit. After school, waiting for pickup, the girl in the green backpack asked Teacher Marta, “Do you know Dinora who lives at COAR? She is tremendous.” […]

Who The Children Say That They Are

Gathered from various activities this past year, these are the way that the COAR children and teens see themselves. This is their culture, these are their triumphs and their goals. SUCCESSES OF 2023 Arrayed on the left side, photos labeled: ACTIVITIES TRAINING RECREATION SPIRITUALITY FÁTIMA (our interna with Down syndrome who brings out the tenderness in […]

COAR in the Community

Bendición de Dios ~ Blessing of God COAR’s parish pastor, Fr. Vladimir, says mass at the big parish in town (see our town’s fiesta, click here), of course, and at the COAR chapel of St. Joseph, on our campus. But as with most parish priests in El Salvador he also has a circuit of small […]

Let’s Talk About…

Faces of Resilience and Healin

Dignity, Privacy, Safety, Human Trafficking…Courage and Resilience. Safety – that’s why we are obscuring the faces of minors on our website. Thanks for understanding. Margarita, like most of our teen girls these past several years, came to us in from an abusive situation. She also has a severe spinal problem that is being diagnosed and […]

September 2023 – Executive Director’s Reflections & News from El Salvador

Let’s Talk About Child Trafficking With this summer’s popularity of the movie, The Sound of Freedom, we welcome the attention to human, and child, trafficking. So, let’s talk about “child trafficking”. It conjures images of abduction by strangers, transport across legal jurisdictions, huge amounts of money changing hands, and shadowy “consumers” of those trafficked. The […]