COAR Kids Volunteer at Cancer Hospital: Divina Providencia

On Sunday, April 2nd, a group of COAR teenagers visited the Divina Providencia Cancer Hospital to visit with the patients and learn the value of volunteering and serving others in need. The hospital was opened in 1969 by the Carmelite Missionary Sisters of Santa Teresa who wanted to give poor Salvadorans a place to stay […]

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Paradise Down donates another free year of Down Syndrome services to support COAR child

Our cover girl for our 2017 Annual Benefit is Fatima, sporting a beautiful blue butterfly “tattoo” from Christmas 2016.  Here is a story about her from 2015:  Several years ago, COAR welcomed our first child with Down Syndrome. She is a wonderful girl with a bright and lively spirit who only wants to please. Thanks […]

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1st time ever: COAR WINNER: Scholarship to the Jesuit University (UCA)

COAR had a simple beginning.  War was raging in the countryside and displaced families, women and children were fleeing to the outskirts of San Salvador for safety.  A Cleveland priest working in the parish of Zaragoza in El Salvador noticed the growth in child war refugees and decided to do something about it.  Through the […]

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Religious Retreats at COAR: Love of God, Dialog and Reflection

Besides weekly masses, religion classes, catechism classes, 1st Communion, Confirmation, and baptisms, COAR is working in partnership with the Sisters of Our Lady of the Pillar of Zaragoza to offer our teens religious retreats where they can be open, honest and reflective about God, spirituality, moral decision making and their own self reflection, fears, and […]

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Feliz Cumpleanos! Happy Birthday!

Feliz cumpleanos a ti- En tu dia feliz- Feliz cumpleanos, mi carino- Feliz cumpleanos a ti- No matter what the words are, the sentiment is still the same:  love and celebration.  During the war years, children at COAR often came with no documentation. They may literally have wandered, alone, up to our doors – or, […]

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Great Student Quote of the Week

Every once and a while, when you least expect it, you stumble across something wonderful that a child has done or has said and you realize that this is a kid who has a bright future.  Anyone who works with children daily probably can quote hundreds of things that a child has said that made […]

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