Up Close: COAR’s Kids

Your Gifts are a Living Posada

Providing our Children Room at the Inn A “posada” is a traditional procession during the nine days before Christmas in Latin America. (The COAR children staged it in November when we visited.) A couple, playing Mary and Joseph, knock on doors asking for a room. The “innkeepers” behind the room refuse them entry. (Sometimes the […]

The Professionalism that Leads to Healing

Natural Disasters and Personal Trauma Professionalism Deals with All of It El Salvador (and COAR) WILL be hit with an earthquake, hurricane, or wildfire in the near future. It is inevitable. But COAR will be ready for them. Other traumas, childhood traumas, abuse and violence, these, too, require preparation and professional training. COAR’s professional staff consists of a “technical team” which has […]

Community Film School and Facing Reality

Or, how to keep busy during an ongoing pandemic . . . Interhouse soccer tournaments, daily gospel reflections, and Zumba videos can only get you so far—even with the usual schoolwork and household chores. So Marta, our director, has found a creative outlet for six of our COAR kids. She’s signed them up for film […]

Baptisms, First Communions, and Confirmations

Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations Despite the pandemic, the eternal… …for 2,000 years, through plagues, natural disasters, and wars, children have grown in grace through these sacred rituals. Catechumans wait to receive the light of Christ… …in the form of their baptismal candles Newly baptized Though often celebrated in the spring in North America, the sacraments […]

Special Feature: COAR Kids’ Artwork

Thanks to this summer’s auction, we here at COAR (and you) have been privileged to enjoy some of the paintings from our residents. But now, these wonderful young artists are getting internet-wide exposure through participation in the Memory and Resistance exhibit. This exhibit, sponsored by InterReligious Task Force on Central America and Colombia, COAR Peace Mission, Ursuline […]

Are You Bored Yet?

If quarantine had you a little stir-crazy, just imagine being locked-down with 30-some odd children and teenagers! Luckily, between the housemothers and the director, time is well organized at COAR and the residents are staying busy! They’re Receiving Classes… Sarai Doing Homework Student Using the Computer Lab Merlin Taking Exam They’re “Zoom”-ing… Thank You, Jóvenes […]

Notes From Quarantine

  As we’ve been preparing the Spring Sponsorship mailing to go out, (Don’t worry, sponsors, you’ll get to read your whole letter for yourself soon!) a common thread runs through the residents’ letters. Staying. At. Home. We’re all living through the same storm these days, so let’s take a look at what the COAR residents are […]

Santa’s Elves

Workshops Give Children Skills, Satisfaction, and Joy One of the wonderful things about COAR is that there are many options for residents. Fundación Renacer provides internship and English opportunities for high academic achieving students. COAR staff works to encourage young men and women in mechanics, sewing, baking, and other trades. And students who have learning […]

June 2019 – Serving the Whole Child

COAR (through your gifts) Serves the Whole Child, Into Adulthood, Through Partnerships in El Salvador that Strengthen the Entire Society Beginning last year COAR entered into partnership with a Salvadoran charity called Across Mission. It is an evangelical organization that supports three projects in El Salvador. Because of their work with COAR’s director, Marta Calderon, […]

December 2018 – Your Gifts Break the Cycle of Poverty with Jobs

Three of our grads (graduation in El Salvador is in November): Ana Ruth, Claudia, and Heycel have been offered full time jobs after graduation.     COAR has been seeking to break the cycle of poverty. Thanks to your gifts, and some very hard work by the Children’s Village staff over the past few years, a […]