Giving Thanks for the Abundance of Summer

El Salvador is blessed with sunshine and fertile soil

Every May 3rd Salvadorans celebrate the Day of the Cross with beautiful displays, sculptures really. A cross is adorned with fruits and flowers. It is one of many feasts and customs from around the world that have arisen from the absorption and melding of an indigenous custom into a Church custom (much like Christmas Trees and Easter Eggs).
Always practical and respectful: the fruit is eaten as fruit salad (or other delicious treat) before the day is done.

Other Goings-On at COAR

Archbishop Escobar posed with the COAR kids after their performance for the Pope’s “World Day of Peace”, celebrated in February. The theme this year is particularly apt for COAR: “No one can be saved alone.”
One of our newest residents, Rosibel, begins school—in kindergarten. She will also get special tutoring for teens who are just beginning this adventure.