More About Cardinal Rosa Chavez

COAR, the Community of Oscar A. Romero, is the oldest extant organization in the world to carry the name of Oscar Romero with the approval of the Archdiocese of San Salvador. Oscar Romero will be canonized in the fall of 2018. Note from COAR’s Executive Director: On April 28th, COAR honored Romero’s long-time friend and […]

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Gangs Threaten All Civil Society: Worst violence since the WAR

“The violence is terrible.  Gangs occupy every inch of this country.  If you are young and you enter a neighborhood where you don’t live, they will shoot you dead on the spot.  It has not been this bad since the war!  No one is safe” remarked Rebeca (name changed for her protection).   During our last […]

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25 Years After the Peace Accords: Catholic Church Still Planting Seeds of Hope

The banners on several online Salvadoran newspapers have recently proclaimed that it is the “25th Anniversary of the Peace Accords”.  In an act of national reflection, online papers have begun to dedicate space to a societal discussion of what has changed in El Salvador since the Peace Treaty.   Surprisingly, most of the discussion refers […]

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Salvadorans love Korean Soap Operas! Who knew?

How many of you have flipped through the cable channels and stopped, ever so briefly, on a Mexican Soap Opera? Here in America, the Mexican Telenovela is ubiquitous.  They are often the butt of jokes in movies and English-language TV shows.  But, did you know that since 2004, Korean Soap Operas or “Doramas” have dominated […]

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Oscar Romero “Smiles Down upon El Salvador” during his Beatification

May 23rd, 2015, over 250,000 Salvadorans flooded the streets surrounding the Divino Salvador del Mundo monument in the capital city to celebrate the beatification of slain Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero. The Archdiocese had constructed a temporary stage in front of the monument. Throngs of people lined the streets emanating outward like roots of hope from […]

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Salvadoran General Faces Deportation

Apr 17 – A former Salvadoran defense minister faces deportation after a U.S. judge in Miami found that atrocities committed by troops under his command were not fully investigated, much less prosecuted. Those atrocities include the killings of Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero, four U.S. churchwomen [two from Cleveland, OH], and more than 1,000 peasants at El Mozote, the worst massacre of civilians in contemporary Latin American history.

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