March 2024 – Executive Director’s Reflections & News from El Salvador

Executive Director’s Reflections

Teaching Dignity, Pride, Compassion

Can you imagine teaching a kid to do chores who has only ever
been forced to clean with beatings or abuse? Can you imagine how a child learns
tenderness and compassion when any vulnerability was exploited, seen as an
invitation to abuse? Well, at COAR the ritual of Holy Thursday, the Last Supper
of Jesus, when he washed the feat of his disciples (Holy Week Rituals), teaches
the children exactly that. Whether you are a believer in God, the story of
Jesus, or not (and our supporters come from many worlds) this is a powerful
story for the COAR children. They learn that WE ALL value this journey for
them: to learn the dignity of keeping their homes clean, the pride in personal
hygiene, and the growth of compassion as they care for each other. WE ALL is
you, who make this journey possible. Happy Easter, or spring, or simply health
and healing. And thank you.

News from El Salvador

President Bukele was re-elected for a 2nd term by an overwhelming majority on February 4, 2024. His party also won most of the newly constituted municipal regions. We wish them well in demonstrating that great power is best put at the feet of the people to be served.