New! Transition to Independence Program

What Makes it "Official"?

It's in our budget * It's in our guidelines * It's in our culture

"There is nothing permanent except change" -Heraclitus

And that is certainly true at COAR! Our staff and collaborators over the years have always sought the best way to serve the changing needs of the COAR population—from war orphans to victims of human trafficking, from food in starving bellies to counselling for traumatic situations.
In recent years, as COAR’s population has aged, it’s become apparent that some of our kids, especially those who have lived at COAR for many years, need a little help with their transition to adulthood.
Which is why, starting this year, COAR has officially begun an internal transition program!
While any time a child spends at COAR provides them with what they need to become a successful adult—an education, healthcare, vocational skills, and the idea of living in a family—this new program will help our high school graduates and over-18s begin to navigate the specifics of adult life. These kids will continue to live at COAR while pursing higher education (with an outside scholarship) and learning how to use public transportation, budget and manage their own small pot of funds in a bank account, and become independent. They’re also anxious to give back to COAR and are encouraged to do so in accordance with their time, talent, and treasure.

Transition Tester: José Dionisio Anaya Renderos (“Nicho”)

Dionisio came to COAR as a baby and has been delighting sponsors with his goofy personality and hijinks ever since. In the last few years, Dionisio has matured, attended vocation workshops with the Carmelites, and become one of the top students in his graduating class.
He’s off to college this year, where he’ll be studying environmental engineering, but he’ll stay with us, where he knows he can count on the support of his COAR family as he learns to make his way in the world!

PS - Sponsors - don’t worry! Your sponsor child will be yours until he or she is ready to leave COAR!