February Charm

Charming pictures to brighten your February

In case your browser doesn’t show our captions:

  • Susan, our Programs Director, the tallest by far, with our two littlest at our February visit.
  • After school, waiting for pickup, the girl in the green backpack asked Teacher Marta, “Do you know Dinora who lives at COAR? She is tremendous.”
  • Dinora is tremendous!
  • Just Jeff (our seminarian mission appeal speaker) graciously models the hats we found at the Archdiocese of San Salvador gift shop. Romero really is a saint of the people.
  • Just the hat.
  • Just the halo.
  • Pupusas can be very messy (but delicious) with salsa and curtido. But Fatima shows the ultimate Salvadoran skill of not missing a drop.