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Dignity, Privacy, Safety, Human Trafficking...Courage and Resilience.

Safety - that's why we are obscuring the faces of minors on our website. Thanks for understanding.

Margarita, like most of our teen girls these past several years, came to us in from an abusive situation. She also has a severe spinal problem that is being diagnosed and treated.
Despite her disability, Margarita has begun to let her guard down . . . by playing a Roman Guard! at this year’s Living Stations of the Cross. We all know the vulnerability of young girls as they become young women. At COAR, Margarita is protected enough to dress up and take risks.
While Margarita’s disability shows, there is abuse and trauma behind the smiles of all our kids. Yet, they take courage from each other – and healing.
We can obscure their features – but not their smiles, their courage, their resilience
Faces of Resilience and Healin