May Day Intramural Day

Always a Procession

We have featured many of the processions/parades (it is a blended concept) that occur at COAR every May: celebrating Jesus’ mother Mary (including the May Crowning, the feast days of Our Lady of Fatima, Mary the Mother of the Church, the Visitation),  Mother’s Day (usually celebrated at COAR as Dia de la Familia (Day of the Family), being sensitive to the many children whose care-giver is not their mother), Day of the Cross (celebrated with creative displays of food), and Pentecost.

This year we give you . . . Intramural Day! Celebrated on the holiday of May 1st, every grade and grade section divide into teams for games, fun, and to show school spirit and solidarity.  They choose team colors and mascots and have tons of fun.  Adults will see that it celebrates a safe, clean space, a dedicated staff, the creative talents of all, the tremendous hope we have in their futures and the sacrifice, joyful sacrifice, that we gladly make for them.