December 2018 – Your Gifts Break the Cycle of Poverty with Jobs

Three of our grads (graduation in El Salvador is in November): Ana Ruth, Claudia, and Heycel have been offered full time jobs after graduation.



COAR has been seeking to break the cycle of poverty. Thanks to your gifts, and some very hard work by the Children’s Village staff over the past few years, a program is in place that bridges that tremendous gap between life safely behind COAR’s walls and the future after COAR.

Due to the wonderful success of the first generation of interns, (COAR seniors and juniors), the hotel internship program with a large local business has expanded to offer placement in:

  • a hotel
  • a car dealership
  • a construction company
  • an appliance and electric goods store
  • and a pension fund office

The internship offers them 2 years of on-the-job training, emphasizes job skills such as working as a team, punctuality, professionalism, conflict resolution, and perseverance. It creates a support network for the children outside of COAR so that they have emotional support to confront life on their own. When they leave COAR as adults, they will now have a collection of friends and mentors from the business world who can offer them support and advice.