COAR Peace Mission strives to be the tangible and real expression of the Gospel to promote justice, community and peace in El Salvador through the support of effective programs in health, education and welfare which assist children and others, not only to develop their full human potential but also to contribute to the betterment of the world in which they live.

Coar Village

COAR Children’s Village

This secure piece of land is a safe heaven for children without a family to care for them properly.

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Sponsor a Child

Your Support

The majority of donations contribute to the overall expense of the COAR Children’s Village and it’s special needs

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Special Project

Sponsor a Child

Connect with a child living in the COAR Children’s Village.Receive regular letters and updates from a child.

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Annual Benefit

Connect with the COAR Peace Mission community in Cleveland by attending or supporting our Annual Benefit

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Your support will contribute to the daily operations of the COAR Children’s Village.  Help us provide hope for at-risk children in El Salvador.


St. Romero! Canonized Oct 14th 2018

COAR ~ the Community of Oscar A. Romero Celebrates St. Romero’s canonization October 14th 2018 COAR is the oldest extant […]

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Best Evidence That COAR Is Respected: Growing Salvadoran Collaboration

Given the long history of distrust & struggle in El Salvador, the historic lack of transparency, the limited income tax […]

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The Loss of a Cherished Friend: Saul Soriano, OFM Cap.

Capuchin friar Saul Soriano’s sudden accidental death leaves us heartbroken: the COAR children, the staff in the US and El […]

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More About Cardinal Rosa Chavez

COAR, the Community of Oscar A. Romero, is the oldest extant organization in the world to carry the name of […]

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