Blessed Romero’s Relics Visit COAR’s Chapel & Zaragoza

The Relics of Blessed Romero are traveling across El Salvador and visiting parishes and cathedrals throughout the country. As they pass through La Libertad, COAR Children’s Village was honored to welcome the procession to the COAR Chapel (June 2017).

The relics continued through Zaragoza, in a procession in which the entire 900+ students in the COAR school participated, ending at the Church in Zaragoza where COAR interna Leydi joined her classmates in a special ceremony. The relics then continued their journey, town by town, with the next stop down the road in San Jose Villanueva.

Our director reported that about 80% of the COAR kids and staff were able to participate in this truly unique and spiritually engaging experience. COAR Children’s Village was founded only 5 months after the assassination of Archbishop Romero in March of 1980 and four months before the murder of US Catholic Churchwomen: Sister Dorothy Kazel, Sister Ita Ford, Sister Maura Clarke, and lay worker Jean Donovan.