Bobbing For Apples: Salvadoran Style!

If you wanted to publish this picture, what caption would you put with it?  Bobbing for apples?  Huh?

A group of wonderful volunteers/students from Universidad Don Bosco came to COAR to visit and play with the kids.  They brought pinatas, games, lessons and tons of fun.  It was an afternoon filled with laughter and smiles.

But, back to that picture!  Little Jennifer, above, is covered with Corn Flour.  But why?  The Salvadoran version of bobbling for apples – Don Bosco University Style – is to fill a box with Corn Flour.  Then, drop a candy into that box of powder, shake it up and have the kids dunk their heads – and most of their bodies – into the box in an effort to snag that candy between their teeth.  Is it messy?   Certainly!  Is it crazy?  of course!  Is it fun?  Your darn tooting it is!!!

COAR has been blessed with a series of volunteers and donors who have given up their weekends or free time to visit COAR and to bring the kids games, activities and snacks to brighten their day!  Thank you Don Bosco students!