At COAR: Wash your hands!

Well, social distancing was a challenge for kindergarteners.

El Salvador

Given the current global situation surrounding the novel coronavirus, we felt it was important to post a short update on what is happening in El Salvador and specifically at COAR.
  • As of April 16th there were 164 diagnosed cases with 6 deaths. Stay at home orders were still in effect. Schools remained closed. No foreign visitors allowed entry.
  • As of March 11, there were NO diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in Salvadoran territory.
  • (Source: Johns Hopkins Corona virus resource center and the Twitter account from President Bukele’s office, below.)
Official Communication from President Nayib Bukele, detailing El Salvador's response to COVID-19.
President Nayib Bukele believes that his country is doing everything possible to combat the spread of the virus and to safeguard the lives of all Salvadorans. He addressed the public last night, saying “If countries like Italy are suffering this much, we who are a poor country, must be ready, with all protocols activated.” Bukele stressed that there had, as of yet, been no cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in El Salvador and exhorted his countrymen to implement recommended hygiene practices and avoid large social gatherings.


COAR staff, in close coordination with the child protection institutions in El Salvador, is also as prepared as possible for a possible coronavirus outbreak.
A medical brigade visits COAR and sees residents for semi-annual checkups.
All residents and staff-members have been instructed in proper hand-washing techniques and all houses are being outfitted with extras of the supplies recommended by the Ministry of Health, including soap, hand sanitizer, and fever-reducing medications. Residents are not attending school, since the COAR school has been closed, and will not be going out in public, with the exception of court-ordered hearings and medical appointments. COAR’s El Salvador director is in communication with the director of the clinic where child protective services sends all children under its auspices and will be alerting us if there are any problems.
Raúl and Claudia, two COAR grads from the healthcare program
We are also lucky that Raúl is still on campus. He graduated from the health track at the COAR school last year and, with his knowledge of basic healthcare procedures, will be very helpful to have around should anyone get sick.
Please continue to pray for the health and safety of all those suffering from coronavirus and all the health care workers who are caring for them.