COAR Kids Are Great Artists – MURAL 2015

In honor of the inauguration of the new Therapy Center at COAR Children’s Village, our Director held a contest among all of the residential houses to create a mural that celebrates life and youth.   From that winning mural, COAR encouraged all of the kids to pick up a paint brush and bring not only that winning vision – but any of their own ideas – to life!

In September, 2015, the mural became a wonderful reality.  Below, you will find the “before” and “after” pictures. This was truly a fun and creative activity that drew the kids together in a common cause, but also, allowed each kid to dream and to let their imaginations fly.  At at time when gang-violence is on everyone’s mind, it is incredibly therapeutic to take an afternoon, to work collectively on a common goal – but, a goal for which your contribution is truly unique, personal and immensely important.  In the group photo, you will also see some wonderful volunteers who helped the COAR kids with this project.  They are students from “Escuela Monica Herrera”.

Bravo!  (Click to enlarge each picture)