COAR TEENS LOVE TO READ: Interview with Gamaliel

The staff of COAR  Peace Mission are absolutely thrilled to learn that many of our great COAR kids love to read. In today’s world of high resolution technology, it is so rare to find kids whose greatest wish is to sit under a tree on a lovely day – reading a novel.  But, COAR has many of those kids.

Over the next month, we will feature interviews with some of those kids.  We hope that you find their passion for reading as inspirational as we do!  Who knows, maybe you might love some of the same books?

Question #1 for Gamaliel:  Where and when do you like to read?

I try to read every single day.  Sometimes, I read 1-3 chapters per night.  I find that I do most of my reading laying on my bed.  I am able to enjoy reading the most when I am comfortable and free to think about what I am reading.  When I read during the day, I try to find a place, surrounded by trees and plants, where I can open my mind 100% and truly concentrate on what I am reading.

Question #2:  What are your 3 favorite books? <I will retain the Spanish titles>

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari:  El monje que vendió su Ferrari.
The Leader Who Didnt Have Any Followers:  El líder que no tenía cargo
A Question of Dignity:  Cuestión de dignidad.

These 3 books have given me such surprising wisdom.  They have taught me how to lead – to lead myself.  This has helped me to learn how I can constantly change and evolve.

These are my favorite light stories:

  1. Sefora de pasta
  2. Alice in Wornderland
  3. The Lion King

These 3 works have taught me that it really doesnt matter how big you are.  No matter how large or small you are, just being yourself and making your own decisions makes you an agent of change who can feel sure of the choices that he has made.

Question #3:  Who are your favorite authors?

Robin  S Sharma:   a Canadian writer, speaker, leadership expert and a former Litigation lawyer.  He is the author of 15 global best sellers.  He is one of the authors who has taught me how to change myself starting with my heart and flowing outwards from there.

Walter Riso:   an Italian Clinical Psychologist and writer.   His book taught me how to start over – becoming a new person and leaving my past behind.   He also teaches one who to be more social and connect with the people around you.

Isabel Allende:  a Chilean-American writer.  She was born in Peru, daughter of the Chilean diplomat working in Peru.  Chilean Presidente Salvador Allende was her cousin.  She now lives in California with her American husband. I have learned from her writings that we often hide our strenght of will out of fear of what could be.  All of her stories teach us why we have to constantly work to better ourselves.

Question #4:  Do you remember how old you were when you first began to love to read?

I was 14 years old when I first loved to read.  I was sitting in the house and my sister was carrying a book under her arm.  The title was “A Question of Dignity”.  I saw that title and it caught my attention.  I asked her if she would lend her book to me.  I read the introduction which spoke about how to be assertive and how one has a right to say “no”.  After reading that, I just couldnt put it down.  I kept reading it until upon reaching the end of the story, I realized that I had changed myself.

Question #5:  Why do you read?

I like it when I read.  I can open my mind and think about pleasing things.  And, of course, I imagine that I am the person in the story who is constantly being challenged but who conquers all in the end.  I feel excellent when I read.  One could even say that after reading a book, I feel that I have become that book and that I have so many interesting stories to tell.

Question #6:  What does reading mean to you?

For me, besides being about understanding and imagining, reading opens your mind and helps you to be open to new things that can be of use in every day life.

Question #7:  What are your favorite types of books:

Psychology, Philosophy, Science Fiction, Self-Help, Fantasy and Mistery books.
It doesnt matter how many books you read.  What matters is the change that you make in your own life which manifests through the reading itself.