COAR’s School Continues to Reach New Heights: Health Care and Tourism & Hotel Management programs

COAR Peace Mission wishes to praise the incredible leadership at COAR’s School.  Not only was COAR’s school recognized by the United Nations as a model school in a developing country, but our director, Jorge, continues to find new ways to prepare the kids for the REAL WORLD giving them practical skills and preparing them for work or university.

In just the past few years, Jorge has taken the traditional high school curriculum (a 2 year secretarial degree ot a 3 year college preparatory degree) and expanded it to include:  Health Care Services preparation and the new Tourism and Hotel Management Program.  Both programs offer kids authentic and practical courses that prepare them for possible careers in these growing and essential fields.

As more and more children fall victim to gang violence and poverty, COAR’s school is creating new educational opporutnities to inspire the kids to stay in school.  But, these are not AP courses that one would find in a US setting.  These are programs that are designed to help kids build the skills to obtain a good job in country.

Tourism continues to grow on the Pacific Coast of El Salvador and these tourism based jobs will be filled by someone.  Jorge is working to ensure that the children in Zaragoza not only have the opportunity to earn these jobs but also the passion to want to do well in them.

This year, for the first time, a select group of COAR students were awarded a special scholarship by a World Class Premier hotel for their high achievement and serious approach to academia.  This dedicated group of students are receiving hands-on training in a 5 star international hotel (work experience) each weekend.  They receive special advanced courses in English and Math and if they complete the course successfully, they will be considered first for any open position.

This level of real-life experience does make a difference in the developing world.  The leadership of the school and the Administration of COAR Children’s Village truly deserve a boisterous cheer of “WELL DONE!”.

We hope that both the Tourism/Hotel Mgmt programs and the Health Care Services program will excite more of our children to explore those careers and open their future to great new opportunities.

Pictured in the photo below is one of COAR’s teens with a model of an animal cell for class.  COAR youth enjoying science…maravilloso!