Contest Winners at COAR: Casa San Patricio Wins a Field Trip to a Water Park

COAR held a contest among all of the houses to see who could create the best mural to be painted on the exterior wall of the new Therapy Center.  The idea was to create something colorful and exciting that also conveyed the purpose and mission of the Therapy Center.  Our director held a contest to help motivate the kids.  There would be different prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Casa San Patricio won 1st place and as a reward, the entire house enjoyed a field trip to a local water park.  2nd and 3rd place winners won special lunces / parties back at COAR.  This was an exciting way to try to involve the kids in celebrating the inauguration of the Therapy Center – a major new addition in our strategy to help our kids prepare for a healthy and successful adult life.  This was also a great way to build ‘house spirit’ in a non-athletic contest.

Once the mural has been completed, we will post it on the blog.  At this time, we only have the sketches submitted for the contest.  Check back to see the finished product.