December 2015 Newsletter Executive Director

From the Peace Mission’s
Executive Director

By Mary K. Stevenson

So, “Send forth your bread upon the face of the waters;
after a long time you may find it again.”,

Let me share some responses to my September message, that we need to increase our income by $50,000/year to keep up with increased expenses in El Salvador. We received $1,000 from two sisters, one a retired school teacher, with the note, “Now you just need 49 more to put COAR in the black!” We received another note from a woman on disability, who also read our story about gangs infiltrating the schools, “I am including $15, so one more child can go to school.” And another donor, quoting the scripture, above, responded, “We know we are helping people, but seeing them and learning a little about them makes the effort even more worthwhile.” And he is sending a gift of 100 shares of a well-known stock.


Every dollar counts, $15 – $15,000, make no mistake. The COAR children could not survive without the 550 sponsors who give $15-$25/month. They could not survive without $100,000 that comes in from 40 churches every summer (through the Mission Cooperative Plan.) They could not survive without those lucky and generous individuals who can give 100 shares of stock, or an IRA, an estate gift, or a large gift of cash. To a person, the latter describe themselves as lucky, blessed by life, and they know it, and they are happy to be able to give that good fortune to the COAR children.


This Christmas and holiday season please pass on the gift of COAR to your friends, family, and community. Invite them, too, to share the great joy of knowing that there are children who need their help, and whose lives they can change, at ANY gift level. Thanks.