Great Student Quote of the Week

Every once and a while, when you least expect it, you stumble across something wonderful that a child has done or has said and you realize that this is a kid who has a bright future.  Anyone who works with children daily probably can quote hundreds of things that a child has said that made you laugh or cringe.

But, every so often – no matter what is happening in the world – a child says something that makes you stop what you are doing and say “hmm…I’m impressed”.

As part of our normal sponsorship letter writing process, one of our children chose to add a simple but wonderful quote at the end of his letter to his sponsor.  It should be noted that quotes are rarely added to letters.  After all, do you remember ever quoting anyone when you were a teenager?  Other than your favorite musician or movie star?  Well, I can tell you that this young man does have a bright future and maybe you might like to borrow his quote for your next email letter.

Quote:  “It doesn’t cost you anything to smile but it produces a lot”

For privacy reasons, we will keep his name confidential.  But, look for more great quotes (and impact) from this young man in the future!