June 2017 Newsletter Pilgrimage of Hope Pt. 2


Bishop Pilla’s Legacy
“Come with me on a pilgrimage of hope”


Fr. Mark Riley, a member of the Cleveland Latin American Mission Team, celebrated mass to begin the Benefit. He spoke of Bishop Pilla’s support for the Mission and its members. He spoke of COAR’s children: kind, curious, funny, and respectful. He also knows the sorrow and danger for vulnerable children in El Salvador:
“In the first reading (ACTS 6:1 – 7) we see the heart of the Church in reaching out to the vulnerable. . . They focused on the problem. . . Fr. Ken took in those children who probably felt like that rejected stone (2 nd reading, 1 PT 2:4 – 9) and made them feel chosen, ‘Chosen by God. That I am precious in his sight. I am not abandoned. I am not alone. ‘ And this is so important when you consider that right now, at this very moment in the city of San Salvador, there are children who are actually called, ‘niños desechables’, ‘ disposable children.
But Fr. Ken Myers . . . and all of you here today have been the voice of Jesus in today’s Gospel (JN 14:1 – 12) saying, ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. Have faith in God. There is a place. Many dwelling places that resemble the house of God the Father, and it’s called COAR.’ It’s unfortunate that it can’t be much, much, much bigger, to take in all the need. But it is, indeed, a place of the Lord that we need to support. . .
The eyes of the Lord are upon those who hope.”

“It’s unfortunate that COAR can’t be much,
much, much bigger, to take in all the need.”