Living 24/7 with 10 Other People Is Harder Than It seems: Workshop on Teamwork and Communication


20140502_090550Did you live in a college dormitory when you were in school? Did you have 1 or 2 roommmates per semester? How did you get along? Did you ever feel like you just needed space? Well, imagine what it would be like to be a child or teenager, living 10 kids to a home. Add to that the fact that the other 9 kids, probably, aren’t your blood relatives. Now, imagine that it is the rainy season when it rains every day…all day…and there really isn’t a little corner of the property where you can go to be alone.

Well, COAR’s Director is doing all that she can to help the kids and the housemothers to build their interpersonal skills and their ability to communicate. Through a voluntary program, housemothers and kids alike participate in workshops that build trust and focus on teamwork and communication. These activities are not mandatory but month after month, participants come back for more.

This is just 1 of the many new programs that COAR’s Director has instituted to try to not only make living communally easier, but also, to develop LIFE SKILLS that hopefully will help them later as young adults whether in the workforce or family setting.