March 2015 Newsletter page 2 and 3

Four Internos Moving On . . . Then and Now

# 2 & 3
Cristina and Marta Alicia, Sisters – Ready for a New Home
Marta Alicia turned 18 last month and the Child Protection Agency, ISNA, decided she should live with a relative. Cristina, 16, was allowed to leave with her.
They have grown up at COAR, as you can see. You can also see their health and confidence radiating from them. It will have to be enough to help them make the transition.

Cristina (bottom row) and Marta Alicia (top row) and friends.

Another thing that sponsors and donors have given both sisters – lasting friendships.

# 4
– Maria José – Graduated 
And about to Turn 18
Meets her Sponsor

Maria Jose graduated from the COAR high school in November (when the Salvador school year ends – for the coffee-picking season!) But since she will not turn 18 until May, she will stay at COAR and help with the younger children while she decides the best next step (maybe a specialized English-language course.) Last month she met one of her sponsors at COAR, our newest Board member, Jennifer Riester. They are pictured here below the COAR Chapel portico, with Bl. Romero’s picture, the man who brought them together, and continues to watch over them.