March 2016 Newsletter Your Gifts Build Strength and Gentleness- the children, pgs. 4-5

Your Gifts gain the world Strength and Gentleness
Strength – the school, pg. 1 * Gentleness – the children, pgs. 4-5


Juan Carlos came to COAR in 2002. He graduated in November 2015 (the Salvadoran school year begins and ends with the calendar year.) He was one of the students selected for the Intercontinental Hotel internship program. He also won a scholarship to college. While he takes advantage of both he will continue to live at COAR. The administration feels his maturity and kindness are a great example to the children. Your gifts through the years have allowed him to become a younger gentleman true.


Juan Carlos –
A gentle child
Juan Carlos and Sara

This exchange from 2006 shows that Juan Carlos’ gentleness started from his early days at COAR. It is preserving the gentleness of children, keeping them safe from harsh realities of violence and neglect that your gifts provide.
JC-2006-casaDOROTEAJuan Carlos in 2006 with housemates in Casa Dorotea
(named for Sr. Dorothy Kazel)


JC-2008-juan carlos zuniga patriz 3

Juan Carlos –
A gentlemanJC-2015-graduationJC-2009-Juan CArlos Zuniga Patriz_sm



“There is no strength like gentleness,
and no gentleness like real strength.”
– Saint Francis de Sales