March 2017 Newsletter COAR Honors Anthony Pilla


May 13th ~ COAR Honors Very Rev. Anthony Pilla,
Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Cleveland
Supporter since his visit in 1981



Bishop Pilla spent time at COAR during his visit in 1981. At that time COAR was known as the “Zaragoza refugee center.” His visit took place only one year after the Dec. 2, 1980 murders of Four North American Churchwomen, two of whom,
Sr. Dorothy Kazel, OSU, and Miss Jean Donovan, were part of the Cleveland Latin American Mission Team.
Bishop Pilla’s first act as Bishop was to receive Sr. Dorothy’s casket at the airport.
He has spoken eloquently about the mission and its sacrifices through the years, most recently at a memorial service as recently as Dec. 4, 2016 at Church of the Resurrection, Solon, OH.
In all of his talks and reminiscences, Bishop Pilla emphasizes service to the poor and working through the local Church. That pretty – well sums – up COAR.

 The headline from January 8, 1982 says it all: