Mother’s Day at COAR Children’s Village

Our director has created a wonderful new tradition at COAR to help build a true sense of family and love among our housemothers and the children that they supervise, mentor, protect and love 24 hours a day!

Each Mothers’ Day, the Administration buys small gifts that the housemother will need as part of her life at COAR and the kids pick which item that they would like to give to the housemother as a mother’s day gift. The kids wrap the gifts themselves and give the gifts to the housemothers.

It is a small gesture but a chance for the kids to be part of the greater tradition that we all understand: saying THANK YOU to mothers and women who love and protect us every day of the year.

Did you know that Mother’s Day in El Salvador is a date:  May 10th?  And, so the day of the week changes each year.   The holiday actually came about through Legislative decree which states “The people of El Salvador recognizes the 10th of May as mother’s day; and on that date pays special tribute of recognition and admiration to all mothers; It is convenient to establish and officially recognize this custom, in order to gradually reassert the unity of the family and to rescue the moral values, as well as to pay tribute on the part of the public authorities not only to mothers but to Salvadoran women in general.