Papal Nuncio Present at COAR Confirmations


ConfirmationNuncioOn June 8th, 2014, six COAR children celebrated their confirmation at COAR’s parish church of Nuestra Señora del Pilar.  It was an especially memorable event for everyone as the Papal Nuncio joined the local parish priest for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  COAR’s director, Administrative Staff, Housemothers were joined by children, relatives, God Parents and friends who came to show their love and support for these new young adults.

While COAR is most often associated with offering shelter, protection, food, clothing, education and love to the children of El Salvador, COAR is a Catholic fostercare facility whose spiritual mission is inseparable from its terrestrial one.  Whether it is COAR’s founding by Father Ken Myers who came to El Salvador in 1974 to minister to the needs of the community and literally built COAR to offer shelter to refugee and orphaned children.  Or, whether it was the service and love of Ursuline Sister Dorothy Kazel or Jean Donovan who transported children and families from Areas of Conflict to Refugee Centers such as COAR.  Or, the countless Catholic Sisters who have lived, worked and cared for children at COAR over the past 3 decades – representing such diverse nationalities as American, Irish, Guatemalan and now Spanish congregations.  It is the love, leadership and Catholic principles espoused by Archbishop Romero which underlie each service that we provide.

On this very special day, Diana, Juan Carlos, Ester, Ingrid, and the Twins joined a long and proud legacy of children confirmed at COAR and educated following the example of:  Oscar Arnulfo Romero, Sister Dorothy Kazel and Father Ken Myers.