Raising them through to graduation



Mercy, raised at COAR since 2005, earned a
college scholarship to the
Jesuit University of Central America.


Gamaliel, raised at COAR since 2006,
earned a scholarship to a technical college.


Rosario was raised at another orphanage. When it closed in 2011
she came to COAR. She has a nursing internship at the hospice
that was also the home of Bl. Romero.


Graduation in El Salvador is every November. Since 1980 COAR has graduated hundreds of children.

Many of those children (like the three pictured here) spent most of their childhoods at COAR: safe, healthy, and loved.

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$8,000 – Complete care for a child for a year
$5,000 – Salary for a psychologist, teacher, or housemother
$1,000 – Food for a child for a year
$350 – Annual high school tuition plus books and fees
$180 – Annual average tuition to the COAR school
$100 – Food for a child for a month
$50 – Child’s annual medicine, doctor & dentist visits
$10 – The monthly birthday party cake

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