Salvadoran TV Stars Visit COAR

“This was the greatest day of my life” – remarked Raul!

Like so many in the USA, Salvadorans enjoy a bit of Reality TV.  As a huge thrill to the kids, a Salvadoran run reality show much like Ninja Warrior, visited COAR to inspire the kids and encourage them to never give up.  The show is called Calle 7 and is quite well known in El Salvador.

Several of the “winning competitors” came to COAR with a camera crew.  They had a tour of the kids’ houses and learned about what it was like to be a child at COAR.  Then, the stars played ping pong and other games with the kids.  It is just one more example of how our new director is trying to do more than just shelter and feed – but, to heal and inspire the kids so that they can be healthy and productive adults, parents and future leaders in spite of their early challenges.