September 2016 Newsletter Executive Director and News from El Salvador pg.6


From the Peace Mission’s
Executive Director

By Mary K. Stevenson

Annual cost per child: $8,000 without apology

I always wanted to apologize for the cost per child, even when the cost was $3,000/child/year (which we were able to maintain for many years.) But then a friend said, “Never apologize for helping these children, and asking for help to do it.” The elements of the cost are these: food, medicine, doctors and specialists, (especially psychologists), shelter (and its maintenance), clothes, hygiene supplies, tuition and school supplies, housemothers, and transportation. We also pay accountants and auditors, professionals who coordinate with the child-care courts, and a little to the Archdiocese so that they can maintain their accountability. When I think of all the things that every child needs, especially vulnerable children, I feel better about the cost. And so, this is why every child has more than one sponsor, contributing to the funds sent to El Salvador every month to pay for all of their needs.
As I wrote at this time last year, we need $50,000 more than we had been raising the past few years to meet these increased expenses. One way to meet that need is with more sponsors. And so, please pass on the need, and satisfaction of being a sponsor, to anyone you who might be interested. Thanks.


News from El Salvador

6% of 6th Graders

A recent study by the UCA (the University of Central America, the
Jesuit University in San Salvador) has revealed that over the past
four years the parents of 6% of 6th graders are keeping their
children home out of fear of the gangs. Sixth graders in El Salvador,
like in North America, are about 12 years old. This is
prime gang recruitment age.