September 2019 – COAR’s Foundation Day: August 15th

Celebrated at the Cathedral where St. Romero is Buried

August 15th 1980 was the day that Fr. Ken Myers, working in El Salvador with the Cleveland Latin American Mission Team, brought the first child from a refugee camp to his parish in Zaragoza.  (Admittedly he decided the date in hindsight since he was responding to the crisis and didn’t stop to mark the date.) August 15th is also the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady into heaven and St. Romero’s birthday.  Almost all of the COAR Children’s Village was able to celebrate as one big family. The adults you see are the adults who serve the children 24/7, in all the ways that the children need to be served: our Director, Marta, front and center. Also scattered among the children are housemothers, psycologists, social worker, driver, accountant, and our tutors and grandmothers-in-residence, the Sisters of Nuestra Señora del Pilar.