Special Feature: COAR Kids’ Artwork

Thanks to this summer’s auction, we here at COAR (and you) have been privileged to enjoy some of the paintings from our residents. But now, these wonderful young artists are getting internet-wide exposure through participation in the Memory and Resistance exhibit. This exhibit, sponsored by InterReligious Task Force on Central America and Colombia, COAR Peace Mission, Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland, and ArtiCLE Gallery, honors the 40th anniversary of the murder of the four North American Churchwowomen, two of whom were members of the Cleveland Latin American Mission Team (Jean Donovan and Sr. Dorothy Kazel) and two Maryknoll sisters (Ita Ford and Maura Clarke). From the gallery notes, “The spirit of the 40th Anniversary theme, Memory and Resistance is seen and felt in the artwork expressing contemporary justice issues of our time as well as artwork honoring the memories of past and present advocates.”

COAR residents work on their auction paintings
Aside from being an activity that many of our residents enjoy, painting is also one of the different therapies offered at COAR to help our residents overcome their past traumas. Art therapy can promote healing and self-expression and provides an outlet for exploring emotions and developing self-confidence.