The four Catholic Sisters from the Missionary Order:  Our Lady of the Pillar of Zaragoza (Spain) have become an institution at COAR.  While they have only been at COAR for less than 2 years, their love, leadership, service and dedication to the kids has made their presence a blessing.  On September 15th, 2015, the COAR kids through Sister Carmen a “Thank you party” to honor her before her temporary return to Spain.  While she will certainly return to COAR, her daily presence will certainly be missed. She dedicates countless hours each week tutoring COAR kids in Math and other subjects.

The children at COAR have so much to be grateful for:  shelter, food, healthcare, education, love, and support.  But, they are also very generous is showing their grattitude!  Besides the luncheon, the kids produced handmade cards and gifts to show their love and affection for her. We, here in the office in Cleveland, wish Sister Carmen a safe return home and we eagerly await her return to the Children’s Village.  She has become an inspiration to us, as well.