Border Crisis: COAR helps Children Within El Salvador to build a stronger El Salvador

COAR helps Children within El Salvador to build a stronger El Salvador and a better future for all Salvadorans. As the crisis on the US/Mexican border continues to heat up, one thing is clear. COAR is working today within El Salvador to feed, to protect and to educate Salvadoran children. While violence, extreme poverty and lack of […]

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Crisis at the US Border: What does Jesus tell us to do? A Catholic quandry or is it?

While the pundits and politians rant and rave, one reality remains: children are fleeing the rampant violence and poverty in their home countries and are making their way to the desert South West in search of safety and a universal hope for a better tomorrow. Since October, 2013, according to the LA Times, more than 47,000 […]

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