Pre-Christmas treat: COAR kids visit a local circus

Each November, the academic year slowly comes to a halt about the same time that we in the USA celebrate Thanksgiving – but, Thanksgiving is a distinctly US tradition.  In El Salvador, high schools hold graduation ceremonies and the kids say goodbye to their teachers and friends for a couple of months.  Since the Salvadoran […]

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Posadas: A great Latin American Christmas tradition

Are your childhood Christmas memories some of your fondest memories?  As adults, do you remember those traditions with such an air of nostalgia?  Well, COAR Children’s Village is keeping one 400 year old Latin American tradition alive:  The Christmas Posadas.     The term Posada is one of many Spanish words for “inn” and it […]

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Kindergarten & High School Graduation 2015

The COAR family is proud to announce the graduation of three of our long time residents:  Juan Carlos, Ingrid and Yesenia.  All three of these young adults are talented, caring, hardworking and dependable.  It is always sad to say goodbye to kids at graduation but we all know that everyone needs to leave the nest […]

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