June 2016 Newsletter Romero Days pg. 2-3

    2016 Romero Days, March 31-April 1, featured presentations of the legacy of Sr. Dorothy Kazel, OSU, one of the four North American Churchwomen ~ COAR is one of her lasting legacies The Romero Lecture Series is an annual event that gathers scholars, social justice workers, creative artists, and others who honor and promote the legacy of Blessed […]

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June 2016 Newsletter Mother’s Day ~ Father’s Day ~ Day of the Family pg. 4-5

Mothers’ Day   Excerpt from newsletter of June 2009 (pictured, right) Gamaliel: “Do you know Ms. Doppes?” I said, “Yes I do know them. They love you very much.” He answered, “I know, look!” From left to right; Julie Haverland (Missy’s mom), Judy Doppes (RIP), Missy Terrill (RIP), and Jane Tillar   From Missy’s e-mails […]

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